Find out what we will be up to at the conference

Employee wellness programmes remain top of mind for every employer – not only to keep a healthy and engaged workforce but to drive business growth and outcomes. However, the global wellness agenda has yet to fulfill expectations in many global markets because, in reality, there is no ‘global market’.

As part of the panel "Shape The Business of Wellness Globally" on 2 May at 1:05 pm, Dr Leena Johns, Head of Health & Wellness at MAXIS GBN, will help discover the positioning and progress of the wider ‘wellness’ agenda globally, and the broad approach taken by multinationals and other stakeholders to implement wellness programs.

She'll demonstrate how MAXIS’ wellness offerings, powered by in-depth health data analytics, can be rolled out across the world. Not only that, Dr Leena will show real life examples of how a wellness programme helped a multinational client  improve the overall health of their employees and drive down the costs of medical claims.

Members of our team will also be at the conference and look forward to meeting you at our booth to discuss the changing wellness landscape and how it can – and is – impacting your business. Read more here.


About the event:

Be a driver of change and consider how you can disrupt global benefits. The Silicon Valley Employers Forum, a non-profit coalition, comprised of the most powerful and influential high-tech global benefits employers, is proud to celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2019. This conference is an exclusive opportunity to bring together dynamic speakers who have the passion to think big and broad. What better way than to engage with like-minded benefits professionals who can propel the future of work to provide an exceptional employee experience, while meeting the needs of the multi-generational workforce.

This conference allows guests to gain insights on the latest trends from industry leaders on how to keep your programmes fresh in the areas of diversity and inclusion, total wellbeing, purpose-driven health, mental health and resiliency, and more. Guests can also learn actionable insights on creating and evolving an exceptional employee experience, discover strategies and tactics on ways successful organisations thrive and share best practices with senior HR and benefits executives.