Join us at this brand new Commercial Risk Europe conference

About the conference

What happens next? As the pandemic continues, we’ve all been challenged with new ways of working. Will we go back to times before COVID-19 or do we need to reshape our workplaces and focus more on our employee benefits (EB)? We’re delighted to be key sponsors of Commercial Risk Europe’s (CRE) first ever Employee Benefits (EB) Risk Management conference. It’ll be a fascinating day bringing together HR and Risk Managers on a number of significant EB topics. 

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The conference programme focuses on why it makes sense to manage employee benefits (EB) with a centrally managed global insurance programme. Throughout the two days, discussions will determine ways HR and risk and insurance management teams could and should work together, ensuring employee benefits are organised and managed in a consistent and cost-efficient manner. 

There’s more good news too… as this is now a virtual event, it’s free to join, so we hope to see lots of you there! 

MAXIS sponsorship 

Look our for our panels and presentations, and come see our virtual booth!

Panel discussion: Human resource & risk management. The importance of collaboration – 18 Nov @ 11am
Matthias Helmbold, Head of Technical & Services, MAXIS GBN

Panel discussion: How can Global Insurance Programmes enhance employee benefit management – 18 Nov @ 2pm
Thomas Lienert, Regional Director, NORCEE, MAXIS GBN

Workshop: Rebuilding the business case for chronic disease management in light of lessons learned from COVID-19 - 18 Nov @ 3pm
Dr Leena Johns, Head of Health & Wellness, MAXIS GBN
Dr Neil Gordon, CEO of INTERVENT International

We hope to see you there!