Join us on our webinar to discover more about how innovation can influence and shape the global employee benefits industry...

Webinar: Data & digital innovation and the future of global employee benefits

In our 2018 Global Perspectives report, we found that the use of data and new technologies was considered the number one growth opportunity among global benefits professionals. The digitisation of the sector, powered by increasingly sophisticated digital platforms and data analytics, has been promising to turn business processes on their head and change the employee benefits industry.

Join our webinar on 12 November at 14:00 / 2pm (GMT) to learn about the latest innovations in the global employee benefits sector.

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Presented by Helga Viegas, Director, Digital Marketing and Innovation and Matthias Helmbold, Head of Technical and Services at MAXIS GBN, and with Lawrence Sutton, Director - Enterprise Consulting from Thomsons Online Benefits as special guest, the webinar will cover insights from our MAXIS Data & Digital Innovation Lab, with topics including:

  • global benefits platforms
    cloud-based, digital platforms allowing multinationals to centralise the enrolment and management of employee benefits across the globe
  • data analytics
    new tools and dashboards helping multinationals make decisions on their global employee benefits strategy
  • health and wellness technology
    tools and programmes to help keep employees healthier and minimise medical insurance costs
  • the future of employee benefits
    the changing workforce, the new services and tools that are required to engage employees in the future.

We hope you can join us!