Join us to rethink corporate and employee wellbeing

We'll be supporting MetLife Worldwide Benefits (WWB) in the 2018 Lockton Global Benefits Forum in Chicago.

Lauren Kelly will be partnering with MetLife WWB on a "Lunch & Learn" on “The Employee Expatriation Experience." They will be sharing best practices and ideas on improving the overall experience for employees that are going on an international assignment.  

During "Cost Drivers in Global and Local Endemic Populations—how do they Compare?," Dr. Leena Johns will examine and compare demographic and health condition data patterns of local and globally mobile populations. She will discuss if the cost drivers of a global population was the same or differed in comparison to the local endemic population.

About the event: The 2018 Lockton Global Benefits Forum program will address how corporate policies and employee benefit programs can best support the financial, physical, mental, and social well-being of employees in a global organization. Well-being in the 21st century involves more than physical wellness and health promotion. Employee benefit programs should improve employee peace of mind by increasing financial competency and security, mitigating health and safety risks, and promoting positive and balanced work life integration. For multinational organizations, successful well-being strategies must also respond to cultural specificities while promoting a strong sense of corporate cohesion. This requires that human resources leaders develop and successfully govern health and welfare programs that address the unique challenges and opportunities of a multigenerational 24/7 global workforce.