We won the prize for the third consecutive year.

UK Captive Services

It’s three back-to-back wins for MAXIS Global Benefits Network (GBN) which was recently named the “Captive Healthcare Specialist of the Year” at the UK Captive Service Awards in London.

The annual UK Captive Service Awards, organized by Captive Review, recognize providers that have demonstrated exceptional customer service and innovative product development over the past 12 months. MAXIS GBN was recognized for its expertise in managing captive health insurance arrangements for multinational employers by utilizing an advanced analytical approach that helps clients gain a global view of their medical cost drivers.

“MAXIS GBN is honored to be named the Captive Healthcare Specialist of the Year for the third year in a row,” said Andrew Stocker, MAXIS GBN’s head of business development. “This award is a testament to our ongoing commitment to create new offerings, such as our medical reporting tool, that allows us to provide our clients with better, faster, and more detailed health reporting.”

In October 2015, MetLife and AXA announced plans to further strengthen MAXIS GBN by combining its existing operations under a joint venture. The move will better enable MAXIS GBN to offer comprehensive, integrated benefits solutions, through a simpler, more seamless client experience.

“We’re excited that this new joint venture will advance MAXIS GBN’s ability to innovate beyond traditional insurance products by continuing to invest in market-leading analytics, medical reporting, and health and wellness solutions to help meet our customers’ needs,” said Mauro Dugulin, chief executive officer,

A diverse judging panel made up of industry experts selected MAXIS GBN to win based on the following criteria: (1) Shows true signs of innovation and depth of understanding of the sector as well as adaptability in the face of client demands and new regulation; (2) Contributions and involvement in professional organizations and/or regulatory developments; and (3) Specific service offerings, service levels and overall success of the business over the last 12 months.