It’s twenty years since MAXIS GBN was established after two of the world’s largest insurers, MetLife and AXA, began to work together. But it was only just over a year ago that we became a joint venture and moved into our new headquarters in the heart of the City of London.

These first two decades have been busy. We’ve built a network of 140 expert local insurers in over 120 markets and, by being the first network to set up a dedicated team to work with our members and ensure they are well supported, we’re demonstrating our commitment to the market and our plans to keep growing.

Just over a year ago almost 80 MAXIS employees from across the world celebrated the official opening of our London headquarters, with Board members, clients, local network partners and a number of the global intermediaries whose headquarters are located so close to our own. 

Moving from an informal partnership to a formal joint venture with our own offices has allowed us to develop systems that better serve our clients and intermediaries by offering a more coordinated approach from a single set of support teams.

It’s been an exciting transformation involving major investment in staff and technology and a refresh of our branding and marketing. We’ve expanded our range of solutions, offering the latest developments in pooling and global programmes and including innovative approaches to pricing and data management.

Another benefit of our transformation has been our renewed focus on data and digital innovation for the global employee benefits market. And clearly, it was not before time. The world is experiencing a digital revolution and we intend to be near the front of it. So far we have launched:

  • BRIDGE – a market leading reinsurance platform with an ISO27001 certificate for data security for our client reporting

  • our quarterly and annual client reports

  • our global medical dashboard and Health & Wellness services

  • our online portals and tools for clients and members alike.

We’ve set up a Digital Data and Innovation Lab, have a new market leading Wellness proposition and are publishing new reports focussed on global research. And we’re not done yet – our enthusiasm and drive means there’ll be more to come. We’ll keep you updated.

As we said…. it’s really cool being an adult when you’re this full of youthful energy!